About me

It was a harsh winter. I was rubbing my last two pennies together for warmth when I suddenly knew that I was meant for greatness. So I manifested $5000, booked a one way flight to Bali, and then had a 50k launch on a course I pulled out of my a-

Just kidding. I always raise an eyebrow when I read those stories. 🤔

Here's the truth. I was on a path to becoming an optometrist for very practical reasons - it pays well, there are lots of jobs, and I have a particular talent for optical physics. I was a very depressed pre-optometrist, but science was all I had studied in school, so I felt trapped in that field.

That is until my shrink had the bright idea of suggesting that I find a creative outlet, so I started posting 15 second comedy videos on Musical.ly - the platform that is now TikTok.

After going unexpectedly viral from a video of me lip-syncing to The Nightmare Before Christmas (go figure), I began getting job offers in social media, and I realized another career path might be possible.

I started working as a freelancer in the social media world and developed a special fondness for branding. I started a business for Instagram branding and used Kajabi to run it.

I didn't have the funds to outsource my Kajabi building, so I had to figure it out on my own... AND I LOVED IT.  

I had so much fun learning Kajabi and coming up with cohesive designs for my website and courses. One day, an Instagram client asked if I would consider doing a Kajabi page for her, and it all clicked. I pivoted one month later. 🙃

Now I've spent the last two years honing my Kajabi skills, enrolling in coding school, and growing my portfolio by serving multiple five-, six-, and seven-figure businesses with their custom Kajabi builds. 

My philosophies


When you work with me, there are a couple of things that you can expect. 

First, there are absolutely ZERO dumb questions. I don't care if your question is "how do I log into Kajabi." Ask it. I was belittled by a coach once for asking something that she thought was... low brow, and I vowed in that moment to never do that to one of my clients. 

Second, I firmly believe in letting your personality shine (quirks and all!) when it comes to your branding! I'm not going to build you a blush pink and peach website with a cute curly font just because that's what trendy right now. I've worked with clients who are inspired by everything from candy colors to 1970s rock-and-roll to even one client who wanted an American Horror Story-esque aesthetic. And I love that! Your brand should tell YOUR story, not Jane Doe's. So when you work with me, you can count on getting a completely customized experience. No cookie cutters allowed.